Water Lilies

Nymphaea Alba var rubra

Water Lilies

Lilies make a beautiful addition to any pond. The elegant flowers can be seen from June to September. Ideally 2 thirds of the ponds surface should be covered with lily leaves (or floating plants). The shade they provide lowers light levels, which in turn reduces algae growth. Lilies do not like water splashing on their leaves. They prefer still water and sunshine to help them flower and flourish.

We stock 75 varieties of lilies (nymphaea), nearly all these varieties are available in 1 litre, 3, 10 and 30 litre pots sizes. The 3 litre size is ideal for Garden Centres, whereas often landscapers will choose the larger sizes depending on the particular job.

We also have a variety of Pygmae lilies which are available in 1 & 2ltr. sizes

Nymphaea alba, often called “White lily” is the only lily native to the UK.