Oxygenating Plants

Oxygenating plants photosynthesise underwater creating oxygen which dissolves in the water. This is not only useful for animal life but also for bacteria which help keep the water clean. Bunches of oxygenators can be dropped into the water but ideally are planted in groups of 3 or more using gravel or aquatic soil in a basket up to 100cm deep. Many oxygenators grow best in streams or rivers so planting in gravel helps them acclimatise quicker.
Many oxygenating plants have two forms of foliage; submerse (foliage below the water) and emerse (foliage above the water) and they can look very different. Oxygenating plants are sold in two forms, either as bunches with a weight which can be placed straight into the water or potted plants which can be placed on the deeper shelved areas of a pond. Potting gives the plant access to nutrients which improves growth.
Container oxygenating plants usually prefer being placed on a ledge but some varieties can be placed deeper. We stock a good selection of both bunched and potted plants, many of which are native to the UK. Potted plants are sold in 9cm, 1 litre & 2 litre with some also being available in 3 litre pots.