Aquatic Baskets

Aquatic Baskets

World renowned fine mesh pots were invented by Anglo Aquatic and trademarked Finofl© .They have a coarse mesh structure in-filled with fine mesh. The coarse mesh gives superior strength and the fine mesh reduces soil loss compared to some other baskets on the market. Although others have copied, Finofl are still the highest quality aquatic pot available hence they are used by growers around the entire world. Their invention eliminates the need for hessian while still allowing water to circulate through the soil bringing essential oxygen and nutrients to the plant.

Finofil Aquatic Baskets

Pot Product
Size in cmVolumeNo on Euro pallet
Contour POTCON46 x 17 x 15 8 litre600
HexagonalPOTHEX 18 x 18 x 163 litre1500
14cm roundPOTR1414 dia x 10 1 litre3375
17cm round POTR1717 dia x 13 2 litre1650
23cm round POTR23 23 dia x 133.5 litre750
9cm squarePOTS99 x 9 x 100.5 litre 7800
11cm squarePOTS11 11 x 11 x 111 litre5400
19cm square POTS1919 x 19 x 92 litre 2160
20cm square POTS2020 x 20 x 9 2.5 litre 2400
24cm square POTS24 24 x 24 x 145 litre1200
29cm square POTS29 29 x 29 x 19 10 litre 600





Finofil Pot Collection Large

Contour POTCON130
Hexagonal POTHEX60
14 cm round POTR14100
17 cm round POTR1750
23 cm round POTR23100
11 cm square POTS11160
20 cm square POTS20125
24 cm square POTS24190
29 cm square POTS29160
40 cm square POTS4050

Finofil Pot Collection Small

Contour POTCON100
Hexagonal POTHEX50
17 cm round POTR1750
23 cm round POTR2350
11 cm square POTS11100
20 cm square POTS2050
24 cm square POTS24100
29 cm square POTS2950
40 cm square POTS40 20

Finofil Pot Collection Starter Pack

Contour POTCON10
Hexagonal POTHEX20
17 cm round POTR1720
20 cm round POTS2020
24 cm square POTS2420
29 cm square POTS2910
40 cm square POTS405