Availability List

How Our Availability List Works

Using the availability list is the quickest and most efficient way of placing orders. On the “order here” tab simply enter the number of trays/plants in the box relating to the size you require of each item. Once finished, check the “order summary” tab to ensure all items are listed and the total order value. Save and email to us at sales@angloaquatic.co.uk and await your order acknowledgement within 1 business day.

Key: *** = Looking excellent and high availability, ** = Looking good, * Limited Availability or only just ready for sale, F = Flower, B = Bud, R = Recommended, NA =  Not Available, LS = Landscape sales only (good root stock but could be cut back so not for instant impact sales), Shaded = Not in this size, Union jack  = Native, Bee = Perfect for pollinators.

Mid Week Top Up

For plants that can be sent in a box at shorter notice and lower minimum for dree delivery, please select the “Mid Week”  tab.

Future orders and Quotes

Should you wish to order specific plants for the future (not just next week) please use the “Quote and Future orders” tab. Here you can se when we plan to have stock ready and you can generate a quote or future order. Please ensure you state it is a quote when sending the form in.