Pond Planting Planning

Helping You Create A Planting Plan

There are a range of websites that will help you with ideas on building ponds and lakes, but when you are being asked to create a planting scheme and need some help, where do you go for advice and what will you need to provide to obtain it?
We at Anglo will provide you with the required information, advise you what to plant and where and will issue a complimenting priced quotation. All we ask from you is some simple information.
Many people will often send photographs (and C.A.D. drawings), but they do not provide the very simple information that we need and will often over complicate matters. A basic hand-drawn sketch is all we require. A simple view from above, providing appropriate measurements of the planting areas. Depths in specific places: margins, damp ground and nearer the centre perhaps, along with any essential information in respect of the surroundings: where ideally viewed from, any shade, trees in the vicinity etc. and we will do the rest.