The regulations

On the 14th December 2019 new regulations on plant passporting come into force. Due to the uncertainty of Brexit and the impending election the exact details of how DEFRA and APHA plan to enforce the regulations is not crystal clear.

The HTA have worked hard to clarify several points please click for HTA guidance. For more up to date information please contact the HTA directly. DEFRA guidance can be found here. Or to read the full regulations please click.

What are we doing?

We are officially registered to issue plant passports and we have discussed and agreed our strategy with our local APHA inspector. All new labels will be printed with plant passports but APHA anticipate an implementation stage where old labels will not have this printed on them. Delivery notes and invoices will have our plant passport information to double passport and make it easy for our customers to keep records

What do you need to do now?

Ideally read the guidance and regulations above but here is the short version:

All business or person involved professionally in activities plants & plant products will be required to register with the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) by 14th December 2019. To do this complete the APHA form phar 2 and email it to:

You need to keep records for 3 years, to make this easy for you we have added our plant passport information to our invoices so just keep a copy of your invoices paper or electronic is fine.

For anyone buying in finished products to sell directly to the end consumer you do not need to plant passport you can use ours. You only need to be registered to plant passport if you grow on or change the format. We do not believe landscapers would need to do this if potting into larger pots when planting as this would be classed as planting. If you sell to a business you do need to pass on the plant passport information to that business.

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