Display Benches

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Display Tables, Trays and Stands

Made to the highest standard using only quality materials. marginal display benches can take marginal plants from 9cm to 10 ltr. Lily display benches can take lilies, deep water aquatics, bunched oxygenators & floating plants. The marginal benches can be used to sell other items out of season too.
Display benches hold 21 trays of 1ltr plants (126 plants) or 50 x 3ltr plants or 25 trays of 9cm plants (200 plants). We recommend allowing more space for water lilies. For details of layout options see our website at www.angloaquatic.co.uk or ask for a leaflet.

Plant Display Tables, Trays & Accessories 
Marginal Wooden Flood Bench 2090 x 1050 x 40mm
Lily Wooden Bench 2090 x 1050 x 270mm
Wooden label ledge for Marginal wooden Flood Bench 2m length
Wooden label ledge for Marginal wooden Flood Bench1m length
Timber POS goalpost, double sided
Label ledge for bed cards and mini storyboards – flat, black moulded plastic 2.4m (8”) length
Danish trolley tray - Moulded plastic 1200 x 550 x 50 mm - fits on a Danish trolley shelf
Please note you must remove the trays the 9cm or 1ltr plants are delivered in and place on flood benches to prevent the plants drying out as the water level drops below the top of the trays. Benches require assembly on site.