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Products and services for garden centres

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Latest availability Our weekly Availability List can be emailed or faxed automatically. Or just inform us of the quantity of plants required and we will select a range of plants that are looking excellent for you.

Current Catalogue To help you select plants please see our Catalogue. This gives all the important information about the plants we sell. To find a plant quickly, press “ctrl” and “F” together.

Story Boards Our beautiful range of Story boards give advice to customers. They have attractive pictures and have a glossy finish. Our range covers; Planting a pond, Lilies, Oxygenators, Wildlife and Aquatic Baskets.

 Display Tables We supply a range of high quality fibreglass Display Tables and Trays to display all your aquatic plants. We also supply bed cards giving descriptions of the plants and label ledge, to mount the bed cards.

To help you layout your display to its best we have developed a selection of layouts to give you ideas.

See our Display Table layouts 2400x1200 or our smaller Display Tray layouts 1650x790

Delivery Charges We have the lowest minimum order for free Delivery across the UK. There are no requirements for you to fill a trolley, shelf or box and we are the most reliable service to cover the UK for pond plants.