Story and Advice Boards


New Price point Bed cards - 21x15cm

Designed to save stores time. Our plant labels come with a price point. These cards display the price, give advice, look attractive and colour match the labels. Due to the uncertainty over Eichhornia and Lagarosiphon, we be printing these early March to ensure the latest information, so if you have suggestions, please let us know.

For Large and Mini Story boards follow the this link.

Price Point for Marginal Plants Price Point for Lilies Price Point for Oxygenating Price Point for Moisture Price Point for Deep Water Price Point for Gunnera Price Point for Eichhornia Price Point for Lagarosiphon

Plant labels supplied with all plants as standard

The new plant labels we introduced last year increased plant sales and were very popular due to their self-explanatory, easy to read instructions on the reverse. The carefully selected picture on the front of each label was enhanced with a reason to buy and care instructions specific to each variety and the size of pot in which it was purchased. Self-selection is made easy with the size of plant and planting depth clearly shown. Each pot size, of each plant variety, has its individual barcode and we can supply a full list of these, in excel format, for ease of loading into your EPOS system. The labels have a price point letter on them to save pricing in the shop.

New Labels