Aquatic plants

Second hand fibreglass marginal and lily display trays

We have several Second hand fibreglass display trays at good prices to clear. Prices exclude VAT and delivery but it may be possible to deliver the trays free of charge with your first order of the season please ask.

Nearly all the trays have a drainage hole in the base but a few have no hole at all or a side hole as they are designed for an immersion element to be fitted as they were filter tanks. Please state what you would like when ordering. All tanks will be washed and checked before shipping and tanks with a drainage hole will be supplied with a bung but please note they are all second hand.

All dimensions are approximate, if you require an exact dimension please ask. The majority of the flanges are 5cm so please add 10cm to the overall width and length stated for the total size

For our range of new display tables and trays please see Display tables and Trays.

Tray 58 x 61cm

Tray 1

Price: 30

Quantity: 10

Wide: 58cm

Long: 61cm

Deep: 47cm

Hole: Do not have a hole for a bung

One has a corner cut off at 45 degrees, just the top lip.

Tray 71 x 82cm

Tray 3

Price: 25

Quantity: Over 70

Wide: 72cm

Long: 82cm

Deep: 25cm

Drainage hole in base.

Available in black, white and grey. These trays are old, great for a very cheap set up but especially the white and grey, even with plants in, will show staining.

Tray 59 x 98cm

Tray 2

Price: 60

Quantity: 19

Wide: 59cm

Long: 99cm

Deep: 48cm

No drainage hole.

72 x 155cm

Tray 5

Price: 80

Quantity: see below

Wide: 72cm

Long: 155cm

Deep: 38cm

Drainage hole in base

5 x white outer & black inner
1 x grey outer & black inner
1 x white - very old
3 x grey outer & blue inner

72 x 155cm - Lily tray

Tray 4

Price: 80

Quantity: 5

Wide: 72cm

Long: 155cm

Deep: 25cm

All have wood reinforced base and are black not blue as the picture.

72 x 155cm Marginal Tray

Tray 10

Price: 80

Quantity: 1 blue

Wide: 72cm

Long: 155cm

Deep: 12cm marginal, 26cm lily

Drainage hole in base.


Tray 7

Price: 50

Quantity: 2 marginal, 3 lily

Wide: 114cm

Long: 148cm

Deep: 12cm marginal, 27cm lily

Drainage hole in base.