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Lagarosiphon major - Elodea crispa

>Lagarosiphon major

Lagarosiphon has been sold in the UK for well over 50 years, it is arguably the best oxygenator for a lined pond. The benefit of it's inclusion on the first List of Invasive Alien Species of Union Concern is debatable. However it is hardy, it can survive in the UK and in some locations it has been problematic. We will be increasing our stocks of Elodea Canadensis which is the most similar plant, but why not try one of the many native oxygenating plants we stock. We have been stocking these natives for many years. As well as our tubs, we are investigating further ways to increase their shelf life in store.

Be Plant Wise

For more information please see;
Non Native Species Secretariat
Lagarosiphon major NNSS Identification Sheet

Under no circumstances should garden plants be disposed of in the wild. Even native plants placed in the wrong location cause environmental damage. It is essential to dispose of them correctly, either compost them or take them to your local refuse centre.