Aquatic plants

How to Write to you MEPs and MP

Follow the link to

Type your postcode to find your politicians
Scroll down until you get to “Your MEPs” (Member of European Parliament)
Select “Write to all your MEPs” to the right of the screen

Please ensure your letter is polite and personal to you, the more individual a letter is the more it is likely to be taken seriously. For Garden Centres if you can put figures on the value of the loss of these plants to your business this will really help.
For those with ponds you may wish to tell them you would be sorry to lose these valuable additions to your pond.

You may also wish to write to your MP asking them to put pressure on the MEPs to support the removal of both Eichhornia and Lagarosiphon

Writing to your MEPs does work

When Caroline of Anglo Aquatic wrote a letter to her MEPs, Gerard Batton responded by submitting a written question to the European Comission requesting they exclude Eichhornia & Lagarosiphon from the list of "Species of EU wide concern". Mark White from World of Water Rugby wrote to his MEPS and Daniel Dalton MEP, has responded by submitting another formal written question to European Commission. But we need you to get your MEPs on our side so please, to keep these plants you need to write to your Local MEPs today.

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